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The All inclusive service is exclusively for food and drinks in the specified restaurants and bars. All other services in the hotel, as well as shopping must be paid for.

• In every bar you can find the all inclusive drinks menu. The drinks listed in the Premium Drinks menu are chargeable and not included in the All Inclusive Standard offer.
• If you wish to order a Premium drink the price will be as indicated on the menu The following upgrades can be requested on reception:

  • The bracelet identifies you as a guest of our hotel. Therefore please show this bracelet to staff when ordering in the restaurant or bars.
  • For safety reasons no glasses or glass bottles are allowed in the pool area.
  • To avoid wastage we will only serve 2 drinks at a time.
  • It is not allowed to provide (All Inclusive facilities, food or drinks) to other guests that have not booked the same All Inclusive product.
  • Upon check-out please remember to return your room key card and the all inclusive bracelet.
  • Failure to comply with certain rules may lead to the removal of the “All Inclusive” bracelet by the hotel management